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ProDotA 2s first season in the books! Taking a small look back at some of the epic games, upsets and overall success of PD2s first season of it's world league.
Draskyl07.08.2012 23:08162422
Potm Bottom crowned the king of PD2! After a lengthy season starting off with round robin, into play-off mode and finally the grand finale, Potm Bottom has defied all odds and come out on top!
DTSXPEH06.08.2012 02:081312741
Best of 5 between the two best! The best of five finals today between the winner of the loser bracket finals (yet to be decided) and of course Potm Bottom, the dark horse of the tournament!
DTSXPEH05.08.2012 11:081226640
Prodotas 2 Pro Play-off Schedule! It's been a long journey thus far in ProDotA 2 with plenty of exicting matches and still much more to come in the next couple of days. With the play-offs of the Pro's division reaching their climactic conclusion we have CLG vs Orange and Zenith vs INFS. Schedule for the tournament:
McDeee02.08.2012 12:08114180
mTw crowned winner of the non-pro play-offs! After a long road for mTw they've once again attained victory after beating paiN Gaming 3-0 in their best of five series, pro play-offs slated to start later today!
Draskyl01.08.2012 11:081029613
Non-Pro Play-offs under way, new trailer released! A quick update of the current standings within the play-offs of ProDotA 2's non-pro division along with an exciting new trailer released!
Draskyl30.07.2012 09:071002663
ProDotA2s play-off brackets are complete! We've come a long way since the beginning of ProDotA 2, seeing plenty of amazing games in each region whether it be Asian, European or American. But as far as we still have one leg of the race to go to finally prove once and for all who deserves the title of best in ProDotA 2s world league.
Draskyl23.07.2012 12:07129187
Interview with DotA legend Jonathan "Loda" Berg! Razer sits down with one of the most well-known and distinguished members of Swedish DotA: Loda
Draskyl23.07.2012 04:071253422
Asian teams duking out for a spot in ProDotA 2s After some confusion in the second round of the Asian Pro-Bracket for PD2, the admins enforce a tie-breaker rule to ensure the best teams make it on to the world stage.
Draskyl09.07.2012 12:071179618
TOP10 Weekly Highlights #4 There is a new highlight video! We're proud to release TOP 10 Weekly #4 in the series of top 10 highlight videos! As always, we're excited to know what do you think about this video! Anyway, enjoy the video, guyz :) These moments - for you!
McDeee03.07.2012 23:0740520
Mouz, CLG and Infused! The second round of the European group stages comes to a close with round two ending, showing the strongest three from the region gearing up to take on the best of the best from other parts of the world. Mouz has already shown to be quite dominant in this tournanent with an impressive 12-2 overall score followed by CLG and Infused who were tied at 10-4 respectively.
Draskyl03.07.2012 22:0726370
Top 10 weekly highlights. Episode three. More great plays to come in PD2s third highlight video!
DTSXPEH27.06.2012 12:0635032
DK vs. Zenith, iG vs. Orange and Zenith vs iG! Three great matches coming to you from ProDotA 2, getting closer to the end of round two!
Draskyl25.06.2012 04:0645850
Interview with mTws Kebap! Draskyl talks with Kebap about TI2 and DH Summer!
Draskyl23.06.2012 19:0636310
Top 10 weekly highlights. Episode two. More great plays to come in PD2s second highlight video!
Draskyl19.06.2012 22:0636770
USA Scheduling Released! ProDotA 2 announces the scheduling for round two in the American Bracket!
DTSXPEH14.06.2012 12:0626361
ProDota2.com Top 10 Weekly Highlights S01E01 ProDota 2 releases their first Top 10 plays video!
DTSXPEH12.06.2012 13:0640620
Draskyl sits down with Quantic.Korok! Interview with the carry player of Quantic Gaming - Korok!
Draskyl11.06.2012 20:0676800
StarsBoba back out of ProDotA 2, iG to replace SB! After some performance issues and team instability, SB backs out of ProDotA 2 with iG taking their place in round two of the Asian bracket.
Draskyl02.06.2012 04:0664011
Round 1 of ProDotA 2 draws to a close, second round set to begin soon! After some exciting matches and upsets seen in the last weeks of ProDotA 2, we're all very excited to bring you more intense DotA action!
Draskyl26.05.2012 04:0552393