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TOP10 Weekly Highlights #4

TOP10 Weekly Highlights #4
McDeee03.07.2012 23:0736360
There is a new highlight video! We're proud to release TOP 10 Weekly #4 in the series of top 10 highlight videos! As always, we're excited to know what do you think about this video! Anyway, enjoy the video, guyz :) These moments - for you!

If you want to watch these match's:
10. mouZ vs Infused
09. AEON vs Dskb
08. Infused vs Darer
07. aL vs iG
06. Infused vs Na`Vi
05. Gizmo vs Veyron
04. Xirilogy vs Giggles
03. Na`Vi vs CLG 
02. Infused vs Darer 
01. Darer vs mouZ
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