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Round 1 of ProDotA 2 draws to a close, second round set to begin soon!

Round 1 of ProDotA 2 draws to a close, second round set to begin soon!
Draskyl26.05.2012 04:0547783
As many of you know, ProDotA 2 is a round-robin format, which means every team will play eachother one time, then we repeat the process to decide who makes it into the play-offs.  During the first round we saw what many would consider a huge upset in Na`Vi dropping multiple games (sometimes even two back to back) and stands currently tied for 5th place in the European bracket along with Copenhagen Wolves.

Mouz, CLG and Infused are all vying for top positions, within a game each of eachother and grasping that coveted #1 spot.  As we draw closer to the play-offs there will be three teams from the European bracket that will make it to face up against the best of the American teams and Asian as well.

Mouz is probably the biggest story of this entire tournament so far, only losing one game so far throughout the entirety of the first round.  Playing often and practicing has definitely proven to pay off for them, along with the acquisition of an old player from Captain Planet, or probably more known as Ex-Gosu: 1437. 

Not only have we had a ton of great games so far, but a couple of roster changes in the process of the tournament.  Some teams have changed multiple members out in order to strengthen their roster, while others have suffered the consequences.

One of these more unfortunate consequences so far in the tournament is the loss of one of the better known teams world-wide in DTS.  After some roster issues losing three core members whom have now transferred over to Darer, they simply could not continue on in the tournament and have been replaced by Virtus.Pro.

The European Pro bracket is one of the most volatile brackets currently of all three regions, with three potential teams that could make a comeback into the top 3 Copenhagen Wolves, Darer and Na`vi all eyeing one of those top three positions to advance one step closer to winning the grand prize of $20,000 for first place.

For the American side we have Evil Geniuses currently standing strong at the #1 spot, still undefeated in the first round and continuing to look extremely strong heading on into round 2.  EG currently plays one core member down as many know, Maelk still not back as they've been using a ringer:  Robert "Bdiz" Tinnes as their 5th.

Even more surprising is a relatively unknown team Potm Bottom has managed to secure a second place slot with a current record of 5-1, beating out Complexity and Quantic so far in standings and continuing to surprise us as things roll forward.

Many of the Potm Bottom players are veterans of DotA, having played for a number of years then eventually transitioning to DotA 2 beta.  I have a distinct feeling that they'll be sticking around for quite a while, upsetting even well known and dominant teams such as Quantic Gaming in a very decisive manner. 

Of course DotA wouldn't be DotA without roster changing and a little bit of drama during tournaments, some of which happened in the American scene during the tournament.

EG picked up two new members in  Sam "Bulba" Baird and  Saahil "Universe" Arora.  This move caused the older It's Gosu team to disband completely and be picked up by a new sponsor in Quantic after attaining members to fill in the gaps left by these two players.

With so much changing in the scene during this tournament there's really no telling who will come out on top until the dust has settled.  The American bracket is quite close as well, the top three one again all being within a game of eachother; EG, Potm Botm and coL currently hold the top three.

There are still plenty of games left to be played between both these regions and it could still be anyones top three or two spot to clinch and allow themselves into the play-offs.

After the second round is over we'll move on to the play-offs, where the best of each region go up against eachother head to head to settle who will be the best of  the first ProDota 2 Worldwide League! 
mirana_ganger more than a year ago
what about non pro league? is it same as prodota league?
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clarify your comment.
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I love dota2 so much.

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