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StarsBoba back out of ProDotA 2, iG to replace SB!

StarsBoba back out of ProDotA 2, iG to replace SB!
Draskyl02.06.2012 04:0655591
As many most likely already know, StarsBoba as of late hasn't been performing very well or is just not showing up to matches currently with a standing of 0-7 after the first round of the Asian bracket in ProDotA 2.

It's been less than a month since the announcement of StarsBoba making the transition to DotA 2; but SB hasn't really been able to make their mark on the scene as of yet.  The competition is fierce and many teams who want to move over find a very unforgiving enviornment and a different drafting style from what they're used to.

With the inconsistency of the team and being unable to field fair matches; StarsBoba has bowed out of the tournament.  Thankfully, we have another extremely talented team ready to take their place and still relatively new to DotA 2 themselves: iG.

There have been rumors of SB possibly disbanding due to their performance and I sincerely hope this is not the case, but only time will tell.  As DotA 2 continues to grow in popularity I can only suspect more teams will be making the switch, with other Asian giants such as LGD and EHOME both practicing daily in preparation of TI2.

As we draw closer to TI2 I'm glad to see iG making an appearance and starting to take on a broader stage so the newer fans of DotA can get a taste of what Chinese teams are capable of.  I feel that this will be a great addition to the Asian bracket and will keep things very exciting for the viewers!
more than a year ago
I love dota2 so much.

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