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Interview with mTws Kebap!

Interview with mTws Kebap!
Draskyl23.06.2012 19:0631340
Thanks for taking the time for this interview Kebap!  Could you take a moment to introduce yourself for those who may not know you?

Hey everyone my name is  Rene Werner better known as kebap im 22 years old and im from germany

Alright, now that the pleasantries are out of the way I'll ask what everyones been wanting to ask.  How did it feel not only winning DH Summer, but beating arguably the best team in the world during the finals to reach that point?

The feeling was really unique we were rly happy and couldnt believe it at first.

You took down Na`Vi but they certainly went out swinging.  Could you walk us through the one game that you lost and why you think you lost it?

they started out with a aggressive trilane on our safe lane and pressured us from the very 1. Minute where we took a lvl 1 fight before creeps spawned we exchenged 1 kill each what was fine for us but not optimal we coulda allrdy done better there but well lets move on to early-mid game.The early to mid game went allmost perfect for navi they got towers they got kills and they got map controll from it so they were off to a rly good start.Mid game we started to turn the whole game eventually by amazing blackholes from 7cknmad that gave us the edge in fights,We equalled out the gold at that point.Mid to late game we did some really sloppy mistakes like the fight at rosh that we took (2. Rosh)were they picked off 2 heroes before we could even dmg one and overall navi played better that game they pressured us and didnt let us breathe from that point anymore.

Before even going to Dreamhack mTw qualified for TI2 through the Western Qualification tournament taking out many opponents along the way.  Did this help your confidence going into the matches against teams you'd already played recently and won?

ofcourse we had alot of momentum on our side but we also traind like crazy around 10 hours a day for couple of weeks so overall i would say training helped us alot

How was the Dreamhack Summer experience overall and who did you enjoy meeting the most?

meeting people like my own team ofc aswell as bulba the fnatic dota guys and all the other guys i have talked to was quite a pleasure and made dreamhack very enjoyable for me and im sure for many others aswell.

There were plenty of competent teams at this years DH Summer including Quantic, Na`Vi and Mouz, did you feel like you were ever scared of going up against any of these teams, or were you confident in your boot camping and practice?

i think the only time we said lets go out and just give it our best with the odds against us were the game vs navi,we said from the beginning no matter if we win or lose lets make it a good watch for everyone.

Tobi on stream said multiple times that the players could hear the commentary as it was happening, did you feel this took away from the game itself or were you completely focused?

i barely noticed tobi talking since i was rly focused in my game so i can only talk for myself for me it didnt rly change anything

On that same note, how did it feel playing in a giant theatre with a live audience, did it make you step up your game or do you feel it was more difficult?

i allrdy played there with kd-gaming in hon and it always feels great having such a great audience cheering for u

Synderen said during mTws victory interview that you simply stuck to your style and didn't worry as much about what your opposition was doing.  Do you feel after taking out multiple teams using this method that it's the strongest way to play DotA 2 currently?

its definetly the best style for us i cant speak for other teams since everyone uses what works for them i wouldnt say either that theres a style thats the strongest atm its more about executing ur plan well

With mTw on their current streak what's your next goal after qualifying for TI2 and winning Dreamhack?

our next destination will be kiev for starladder finals

Lets change it up a bit now and go back a couple of months.  As many know mTw had undergone a large roster change basically getting three new players including yourself.  How was practice starting out, did you mesh well right away or did it take a lot of effort?

we had a rough start,it didnt go to bad but it didnt go to good either we basically had to find our own style of play we have imrpoved tremendously over the last couple of months due to intense training.

Did you feel it was a risk moving to a new team knowing that TI2 invites were coming out or did you feel confident that you'd win qualifications and simply wanted a stable roster?

we knew the ti2 invites were coming but talking for myself i didnt even have a team and as for the rest they felt like it was the right choice i guess.

If we had to say some of your most played heroes, Enchantress and Earthshaker would definitely come to mind.  Are these your preferred style of play or did you have to adapt to fit your teams needs?

i love to play earthshaker and chen the most but ill play whatever is needed for the team,as to adapt to something i think im fine with everything but venge my venge is horrible :D

How is the team atmosphere when you play matches or scrims, is it hectic or is everyone calm and focused?

while its mostly calm and precise me and mad use to get pretty hectic in certain situations if we get pressured f.e.

Does Synderen typically call all the shots or do you all contribute to the strategy and flow of your game?

picking wise its synderen while mad and me help him give suggestions etc as to ingame its basicaly the same if im sure about something ill call it same for mad

Alright last question!  What do you think your chances are of placing in TI2 with the current momentum you've gathered from your last two big tournament wins?  Do you feel confident or can a lot still change in the time we have left until the next International?

Ti2 will be a whole different story i cannot and will not make any predictions for that

Thanks so much for your time Kebap, any shoutouts you'd like to make before we part ways?

I would like to give a shoutout to the germans Pas rmn alex leaf kuroky saga aswell as to our sponsors who made it all possible.

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