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Draskyl sits down with Quantic.Korok!

Draskyl sits down with Quantic.Korok!
Draskyl11.06.2012 20:0671300
Thanks for taking the time do this interview for us Korok! For those of us who aren't familiar, could you give us a little background of your DotA history and what role you play for Quantic?

Hi, I’m Korok of Quantic Gaming. I’ve been playing DotA on and off since the Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos days. The two most prominent teams I played for were Blight.USA and Nirvana.int (ringer for ESWC 2010). I had a short experience with competitive HoN and now I’m playing Dota 2. I play carry for Quantic but sometimes I’ll play semi-carry.

How is it playing under Quantic, do you feel obligated to play harder knowing you're under a well-known sponsor?

Playing under Quantic is amazing. They’ve been nothing but helpful and supportive of our team and it’s nice to know that such a great organization has our back. Personally, I feel the pressure whenever we enter a big match because I don’t want to disappoint them.

Unfortunately for North American DotA fans, Quantic was knocked out of the TI2 qualifications by mTw.  Do you blame this on a lack of practice or did mTw just play well?

mTw played a very safe and conservative style and didn’t leave very many opportunities for us to catch them off guard. However, I feel like our team has been in a rut ever since the middle of May, and we are far from our strongest form.

After having been taken out of the running for a TI2 spot you guys still have Dreamhack to look forward to.  Overall how is team morale and are you looking to continue practicing as a team?

Team morale could be better. We’re a little down after losing, but I’m just hoping Dreamhack will bring our team back together. It’ll be a great motivator and I think the experience will re-spark the interest certain people have in the game.

Speaking of LAN events, is this the first time Quantic will be competing with eachother on LAN or do any of you have experience prior to Dreamhack?

I don’t believe anyone has been at a huge LAN on Quantic except for me. I know Solara and PAINTITGOLD have been to a few local LANs but I believe it’s a first for both LastHitMagic and Mikey. As people say, anything can happen on LAN so I look forward to seeing my teammates perform on LAN.

Which teams are you looking forward to meeting or facing the most at Dreamhack?

Evil Geniuses. Who doesn’t want to face the Bulba invoker or Universe’s long lane earthshaker? I have to show love for our ‘rivals’ and fellow Americans.Some teams besides Quantic have been struggling recently with the release of some new titles.  

Do you think it's acceptable for a professional team to lack practice because of playing other games?

No. We’re both contractually and logically obliged to play Dota 2 and practice it. There is no way a team can stay in top shape if at least a few hours are dedicated every day to practicing, whether or not it’s with the team or without. Even fine tuning your skills in matchmaking can help your game awareness and mechanics, and there should be no excuse for not playing.

Sometimes your teams playstyle is referred to as "predictable", do you believe this to be the case?

Our roles are predictable, which isn’t really a problem, but as of late, our playstyle is as well. I don’t believe our playstyle was in the past, but because of lack of practice and motivation, players are afraid of trying new things because of lack of experience. I think it has become quite clear to some teams how to defeat our strategy that we fall back on, so some adjustments are necessary to return to our old form.

Most spectators of DotA 2 know you for your Morphling, Queen of Pain, Riki and Tiny.  Is this due to your comfort ability on these heroes or just because they're strong in the current "meta-game"?

I like to play mobile heroes that are capable of dealing massive damage as well as solo gank. The current meta-game isn’t really defined by heroes yet, but primarily what people are comfortable with. For example, if a team had a good strategy utilizing Lina, then it should work for them.

Speaking of heroes, Gyrocopter Phantom Assasin and Chaos Knight were all announced to be coming in a future patch.  Do you feel any of these will specifically change the way competitive DotA 2 is played?

I’m looking forward to trying all three of those heroes, but I think Chaos Knight will have the strongest impact due to his skill set which starts being useful starting from level one, while the other heroes are favored in the mid to late game.

Thank you for your time! Any final shoutouts you'd like to make before we depart?

I’d like to give a big shoutout to the folks at Quantic Gaming, Razer, and Twitch.tv for their loving support and making this all happen, as well as everybody else who supports us. I want to thank the fans for rooting for us, even when we’re not winning every game. I also want to thank the guys at GMU for keeping me in check, especially Adam. Lastly, I want to say shoutout to Grant and my dearest Connie.
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