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ProDotA 2s first season in the books!

ProDotA 2s first season in the books!
Draskyl07.08.2012 23:08187582
Ever since the first couple of games whether it be non-pro or the pro bracket, ProDota 2 has received continued support from the community as have the teams helped us along the way to ensure the audience had gotten the best show possible.  There are a lot of people to thank especially the casters: Tobi, Sheever, Epi, Versuta for putting in the time when we bring you one of the overall largest seasons in terms of how many games are played.

European league summarization:

From the start of the tournament we had plenty of upsets, many amazing victories and more games then you could shake a stick at.  Probably the most notable of these upsets was Na`Vi failing to even qualify for the play-offs in their European bracket being bested by CLG, Infused and mouZ who all held very impressive records.

Unfortunately even though mouZ held the best of records going into the play-off division they couldn't quite handle Quantic in their best of three meeting as one of the very first overall games for the world-wide league.  However they would meet again in this tournament in the losers bracket, this time managing to take the one all important game off of Quantic to make it further into the tournament.  Ultimately they were knocked out by CLG who went on to the grand finals after taking down Zenith and Infused back to back in best of 1s.

CLG of course making it to the grand finals as well as Potm Bottom and ironically enough dropped to the losers bracket from the same team they fought back to try and ultimately get beaten by again.  They met Potm in the third round of the winners bracket to decide who would receive the first spot in the grand final, going 2-1 and being bumped down to play against mouZ in a best of one, where they rallied back to fight a long and difficult best of five against one of the best American teams.

Potm Bottom seemed a bit of a different level that day as they managed to take the final best of five series to a game 4, dropping only a single game to CLG in the entirety of the finals.  CLG put up a long and hard fight but could not topple the now very well respected American giant that is Potm Bottom.

Asian league summarization:

The Asian division of PD2 had one of the most promising pools of teams with the likes of EHOME, DK, Zenith, iG, Orange, MUFC and aL.  However we saw the rise and fall of some of the more notable names, in EHOME and DK as they couldn't quite qualify for the finale that was the worldwide play-off division.

Zenith was probably the team on everyones mind with the start of the Asian division going an unbelivable 12-1 throughout the first and second rounds of their own regions bracket.  They looked neigh unstoppable just crushing through every single match they played through and even with the unorthodox picking style.

When Zenith reached the play-offs they were definitely one of the teams everyone was keeping an eye on, with a disastrous turn for the worst.  Ultimately they ended up forefitting the tournament altogether and were unable to continue during the play-offs.

Orange struggled throughout the world league, making it into the play-offs just to be knocked out without winning a single game, losing in the upper bracket to iG later to be knocked out by the losers bracket finalists that were CLG.  Unfortunately the last hope of was iG and while they did manage to take a game off of the future winners of the tournament Potm Bottom, they couldn't quite make it out of the losers bracket dropping out to Infused.

American league summarization:

With probably the smallest amount of world class professional teams many looked to the American league of PD2 as the least likelihood of winning.  We had our stars of EG, coL and Quantic but the dark horse of Potm Bottom hardly got more then a few words of recognition by those who hadn't seen their previous performances.

Starting off with a dominant record in the group stages they went an impressive 12-2 with the #1 standing making it into the play-offs with ease against the other American teams.  Unfortunately the only other American team to make it to the play-offs themselves was Quantic, leaving EG and coL out of contention very early on in the tournament.

What surprised many the most was Pottom Botm not only made it to the finals, but hadn't lost a single best of three series until that point sending iG, Quantic and CLG all to the losers bracket in quick fashion, dropping a total of 2 games in three rounds.

The best of five between Potm and CLG prooved to be fairly one sided as well, 3 games to 1 most of which were extremely decisive victories.  CLG managed to battle back and show they would go down swinging if they were not to be victorious taking one off Potm in the grand finals but coming back from a 2-0 and winning three in a row is a very tall order for any team, especially against one as skilled as Potm Bottom.

Quantics tournament life was longer than most, making it to the second round and being knocked down by Potm, then eliminated in the losers bracket by mouZ.

Final thoughts on PD2:

With all of the regions having extremely good showings I think it's no surprise that as we draw closer to TI2 teams are going to be looking to be in even better shape than before with bootcamping, constant practice and the motivation to win a chunk of one of the largest prize pools in E-sports history.

Potm Bottom deserves all the credit in the world for beating some of the worlds best teams on one of the largest stages in DotA 2s short history so far, so congratulations to them once again!

Finally on behalf of myself, Dmitriy our admin with the most, Maxym and many others here at PD2 we'd like to personally thank all of you for your support and for watching and we'll see you next season!
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HI,can you kindly give me a beta key.I wanna invite one of my frieng to join dota2.Thank you advance.
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Always played on iCCup. Also I will play.

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