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DTS Disbands after roster issues After DTS loses three members to Darer, the team says goodbye to DotA 2 for now! VP to replace DTS in ProDota2?
Draskyl24.05.2012 06:0569251
Draskyl interviews EG.Bulba! One of my very first interviews, thanks again to Sam for the opportunity to let me talk with him!
Draskyl23.05.2012 22:0530931
DTS lose three, Darer gain three? News concerning even more roster switching in DotA 2, Darer attaining three members from DTS?
Draskyl20.05.2012 02:0551090
DTS takes on Darer & Eclpysia Originally scheduled to be two matches. We will still be bringing you DTS vs. Darer though as normally scheduled, prepare yourself for some fireworks with these two teams going at it in the ProDota 2 World League Tournament!
Draskyl17.05.2012 01:0529121
An Interview with DK.Burning! Today we sit down with DK.Burning, arguably one of the most successful carries out there. He shares his thought’s about The International this year, Dota2 in China and much more.
Draskyl15.05.2012 07:0569650
Space Monkeys replaces GizMo Space Monkeys replaces GizMo in the ProDOTA2 Asia Non-Pro league. GizMo will no longer be competing, citing computer and lag issues.
Jaywalker14.05.2012 13:0520960
Week one award video, new trailer released for PD2! With week one of PD2 under our belt we take a look back at the top games in order to reminisce over the matches so far. Plenty of more exciting Dota 2 on the way in the coming games as PD2 continues to progress towards it's conclusion!
Draskyl11.05.2012 05:0535690
Big games on the way: Na`Vi, DTS, Darer? Tons of great Dota 2 to be had tomorrow, with a lot on the line! Will Na`Vi have what it takes to hold the image of worlds best against Darer and DTS? Can Infused hold on to their current 2-0 lead in the European Pro bracket? What remains of Ex-Quantic or perhaps you'd call them Eclypsia still?
Draskyl10.05.2012 03:0550712
Darer new roster! In the last week we've seen a small falling out in one of the more dominant and internationally known teams Darer; with NS, Santa and Dread deciding to leave the team and join one of the most popular cybersport organizations in the Russian Federation - Virtus.Pro. This news came as a shock to the team and they had to scramble to find a new roster for upcoming tournaments.
McDeee09.05.2012 03:051848510
Zenith against Asian double-power! Zenith will be playing both of these matches back to back, starting at 16:00 CET for the first match against Stars Boba, then going on to play Orange at 17:00. Both matches are best of one and will be played tomorrow (May, 8th). Be sure to catch them both to see who advances in the ProDota 2 Asian Bracket!
McDeee08.05.2012 00:0530410
First play day of EU Pro is finished First play day in the European region is finished. In the professional league matches will be held twice per week for every region and we will have some mix days with epic games from each region. At least six days with games during the week. So there is no time to be bored.
McDeee05.05.2012 03:0532212
America NON Pro Qualification See who qualified in the news post along with some updated news. Over 30 teams battled today in an attempt to get the last remaining spots for NON Pro League for the American region. The top 8 has been decided
Geno30.04.2012 09:0429910
America Pro League Matches streamed today! Four teams from America Pro League battle it out! Today in the first matches of the American Pro League, we have Hallyu vs xGoSu. xGoSu is the former It's Gosu team that's recently qualified for DreamHack and ready to fight while on the other side, Hallyu is an up and coming team that is a notable participant in the Sunday Evening Cup Series. In the next match, we have Skill Difference vs Potm Bottom.
Geno29.04.2012 23:0422030
Asia NON-Pro Qualification Results The Asia NON-Pro Qualifier has ended and eight teams join the three invited teams to battle it out for a prizepool of five thousand dollars.
Jaywalker29.04.2012 03:0430250
ProDOTA2 starts with a bang With most qualifiers finished and many teams finalized, this weekend will mark the beginning of many more exciting matches to come from the Pro League and the Non-Pro League.
Jaywalker28.04.2012 02:0456320
An Update on the Rules To schedule these matches, teams will have a designated group in the forums to look at the times their matches will be played at. A topic will look similar to "May 28, DTS vs CLG at 15:00 CET" that an admin will post. Two default play days will be set and teams will have to look in their regions to see when those play days are. After the game is done, the results and screenshot of the end results will be posted in the topic by a player or manager.
Geno27.04.2012 12:0415410
EU NON-PRO Qual: The Winners! First qualifying round ended. It's time to start NON-Pro Qualification stage #2. 24 teams from Europe going to fight for 12 slots in main part of the event. Most of these teams are fairly well-known fans of the DotA2-scene, so I totally sure, that's will be great show!
McDeee23.04.2012 13:0459420
UPDATE: Asia NON-Pro Qualification on 27 April It's time for Asia to party! Find out the groups, brackets and important things to take note for the qualifiers.
Jaywalker23.04.2012 00:0430368
Geno22.04.2012 03:0420310
NON-Pro qualification to EU this weekend Qualification to the Prodota 2 Pro League in the European region is completed. It is time for the NON Pro to Rock-n-Roll. The party will start April, 21th and 22th. See inside a little bit more about the tournament and the schedule.
McDeee21.04.2012 09:04509520