Time zone: Europe America Asia


General Rules
All live streams are allowed except for first person view. This means any player streaming their games will have him and his team disqualified from the event with a possibility of the referees to decide further penalties.  Even if anyone is allowed to stream, whoever joins the game will be the only ones who can stream and cast, no one else will be allowed once the game starts.

These rules should be seen as guidelines for the administration to follow.  Admins are also allowed to ignore a rule in order to make the competition as fair as possible. If any conflict or clarity issues occurs, always contact an admin.

IRC Meetup
Every team captain is required to be present in the IRC channel on Quakenet #prodota2 in case there are any problems.  If you do not have IRC, please use webchat.quakenet.org and you will be able to log in and idle.

Player Misbehavior
Any team member that is misbehaving (flaming, trolling and/or spamming in chat, especially during the bans/picks) will be warned once and if he continues to behave badly will have to be replaced by another team member. If that team doesn't have anyone available to replace him, that team will forfeit the game; their team will be disqualified.

Signups and Roster
To prevent illegal ringing, signups will need to have in-game names of players as well as links to their steam profile, which looks like this: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ACCOUNT_NAME. Details on how to sign up for the qualifiers will be announced in the qualifier announcements on prodota forums.  

Roster size can be a minimum of five and a maximum of eight players.

Roster Changes
Players can only be on one roster at a time. For the duration of the qualifiers, we will allow one roster change during the semi-finals.  In league play, roster changes can occur because of teams picking up and dropping players but we will only allow this twice during the season and once when the playoffs start.  Substitute players must be listed in your roster when you register.  
Roster Rules:
If you tried to qualify for PRO league and you did not qualify, your team can still qualify for NON PRO.  However, a player cannot play in both PRO and NON-PRO, only one or the other.  If we catch this, the PRO league team will receive a game loss while the NON PRO team will be suspended for the season.  I also want to clear up that anyone can participate in NON PRO aslong as no members are part of PRO league.  Also, there cannot be any "fake nicknames", every name must be the one the team submits on the roster.

Cash Prize Pool
It will be $20,000 for PRO and $10,000 for NON-PRO.
1st: $10,000
2nd. $6000
3rd: $4000
1st: $5000
2nd: $3000
3rd: $2000

Match Times
Schedules will be pre-determined.  Each team will find the schedules posted in their respective league.

Event Duration
April is the start of the season and June-July are when the playoffs are.

Playoffs (applies to both NON PRO and PRO Leagues)
The top teams from each region will be participating in a bracket playoff.  The North American region will have two teams, and the European and Asian regions will each have three teams for the bracket playoff.

America #1 vs Asia #3
America #2 vs Europe #1
Europe #2 vs Asia #2
Europe #3 vs Asia #1

*The #'s represent the seeds of the teams

Match Schedule
All scheduling will be done in the forums.  Look for topics such as "It's Gosu vs EG" for example and in that topic, you can discuss the schedule and post the results   In the event that a team does not accept a match time, it can be postponed to a later date but it can only be done TWICE in one season.  This is what we will call a Wildcard.  For example, EG and DTS are discussing a date and time for the match and EG says "April 15" but DTS wants "April 16" and EG doesn't accept, DTS can use a Wildcard to get the match postponed but will only have one left for the remainder of the season.

You can use only 4 hours before the game!

During the qualifiers all games can be hosted by team leaders and referees.  In the regular season, games are hosted by team leaders or referees.  In the playoffs, games are hosted by the tournament referees.

Match Reporting
After a match is done, the result should be posted in the forums where an admin can see it and they can automatically update the standings. If a problem arises after the result has been reported, the winner is responsible of showing evidence of the win.
Therefore, every team captain should after a win take a screenshot and post it when they report their win in case any disputes over wins happen.  

Creating the game
We have made a server template for easy picking of the server in any matchup. Same origin (EU vs EU etc.) is of course EU, USE, USW or SEA depending on the team.
If it is not that way, every team should follow these rules:

  • EU vs USE - Coinflip
  • EU vs USW - USE
  • EU vs SEA - USW
  • USE vs USW - Coinflip
  • USE vs SEA - USW
  • USW vs SEA - Coinflip
  • SEA vs SEA - SEA

The coinflip will be done in IRC by using the command @toss heads or @toss tails (doesn't matter which one) after deciding who has what in-game. All this has to be in supervision of a referee.  We are using a HOME and AWAY system so whoever wins the coin toss becomes the HOME team gets to pick Dire or Radiant, but in the next meeting, the other team becomes the HOME team.  The team who did not win the coin toss is the AWAY team.  Each meeting is a best-of-one not a best-of-three.  Everyone faces each other twice.  Servers must be fair for both teams.

In-Game Rules
Captains mode
will be selected for all matches. Mistake made during –CM mode cannot be undone (by use of Remake) if both teams have not consented. After Hero Drafting has started (the first Hero has been banned) the game must not be paused. Pausing can only be done after Drafting and only when both teams have consented.

Cheats and Bug Exploits
If a bug is recognized during a game, players must immediately pause and contact a tournament admin. Upon investigation by tournament admin, depending on the severity, the admin will take necessary measures to secure fair play. This ranges from play continuing to remaking the game or even disqualification from current event. Cheating is not allowed in any way.

Item Restrictions & Sharing
There are no item restrictions. However, team members can share items.

Creep Blocking
Creep blocking permanently is not allowed but creep slowing/delay or luring is allowed. It is not allowed to block creeps with the help of spells, such as fissure, sprout etc. it is only allowed to use the hero model to intercept with creeps (accidental blocks are okay, as long as the fissure, for example was directed at an opposing hero).

It is the team's responsibility to pause should their player disconnect. Each team has up to 10 minutes of time for disconnects.

Player needs to announce a pause at least 5 seconds in advance stating a reasonable justification (exception: disconnect).

Only tournament referees can allow spectators in a game and they will inform the teams of those who are given permission.  In the event that there are too many spectators, the game will be remade to prevent massive lag in game lag.

A game is finished, when an Ancient Fortress is destroyed, when one team obviously forfeits, when the majority of a team leaves on purpose, or when the administration decides on it.