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ProDota2.com Top 10 Weekly Highlights S01E01

ProDota2.com Top 10 Weekly Highlights S01E01
DTSXPEH12.06.2012 13:0635640
Hey guys!. We're proud to show you our first episode of top 10 highlights from PD2. You'll see some of the best moments so far from throughout the tournament and we're confident that you guys will love it! There are only 10 but no need to be sad, we'll have a new video coming your way in no time! Stay tuned!

TOP 10 Rank:
10.  Dread (ex-Darer player)
09.  KuroKy (mouZ player)
08.  OFFak (SGC player)
07.  MuSica (aL player) 
06.  ArtStyle (Darer player) 
05.  Reesion (Infused player) 
04.  SGC Team 
03.  Dendi (Na`Vi player) 
02.  XBOCT (Na`Vi player) 
01.  craNich (SGC player) 

Stay tuned! 
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