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Mouz, CLG and Infused!

Mouz, CLG and Infused!
Draskyl03.07.2012 22:0722540
The second round of the European group stages comes to a close with round two ending, showing the strongest three from the region gearing up to take on the best of the best from other parts of the world.   Mouz has already shown to be quite dominant in this tournanent with an impressive 12-2 overall score followed by  CLG and  Infused who were tied at 10-4 respectively.

All three of these teams have had excellent performances even beating out stiff competition with teams the likes of  Na`Vi and  Darer. Perhaps what is even more surprising is Mouzs play thus far in the tournament only having dropped two matches total to what many people would consider one of the hardest group stages of any region.  Along with Na`Vi not qualifying to make it into the last leg of the tournament the competitive scene is ever shifting and looking like we may see other names at the top.

Infused and CLG also have their own agenda in this tournament aside from Mouz being the other two dominant forces so far in the European brackets, showing that they're no teams to be trifled with.  Even CLG losing one of their star players have managed to secure themselves a spot moving forward to compete with the best in the world.

With the Asian and North American group stages finishing up we can already start to see some exciting play-off match up possbilities and any DotA fan out there should be more than excited to see how things turn out!

TOP 3 Pro League (European Region)
1.  mouz - 24 points
2.  CLG - 20 points
3.  Infused - 20 points

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