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DTS lose three, Darer gain three?

DTS lose three, Darer gain three?
Draskyl20.05.2012 02:0552440
Breaking news. DTS lose 3 players. Darer got new 3 players? 

Today we've received some inside information regarding DTS and Darer. From what we've heard three members of DTS are currently going to be moving rosters to Darer in the next few days. 

As many who have followed the DotA scene for some time are familiar, ArtStyle is norotious for his consistent roster changing and shuffling of players. Darer itself has undergone multiple transformations since the original making of the team.  How many more times will this happen before we see stability in rosters?  Upon receiving information regarding the switch  Maxym DTS|XPEH had this to say:

I can say that this information is definitely accurate. From my perspective we had a good standing and very stable games. The entire roster of DTS were sent contracts that should've been signed by the end of the week to ensure they'd stay with us, but obviously that didn't happen. I'm 100% certain that this move was made by the Darer teams captain, so I'm sure my players will be moving over there. As unfortunate as this was at the very least in a few days we will be able to announce DTS new roster!

The roster from Darer will dramatically change in the next coming days; these are the three listed whom will be making their way from DTS to the new line-up of Darer.

Players whom will be leaving DTS and moving to Darer:
 Arthur "Go[blin]" Kostenko
 Andrew  "Mag~" Chipenko
 Gleb "Funnik" Lipatnikov
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