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EU Regional Qualification

EU Regional Qualification
McDeee12.04.2012 03:0467384
ProDota2 League is glad to announce, that our qualifiers will be starting this week and we're looking forward to great coverage and actioin. The best professional teams in the Europe will be qualifying for the 2 slots in the Pro league. Darer, mTw, Dignitas, NEXT.Kz, youBoat and team Infused will be taking part in our quafiers.

Qualifier #1, April 13, 2012:
 Darer def.  mTw (ex-wW) - 17:00 CET (bo1)
 Dignitas lose  Epidemic 18:00 CET (bo1)
Final (bo3)
 Darer 2-1  Epidemic

Qualifier #2, April 15, 2012:
 TBA vs  youBoat - 17:00 CET (bo1)
 INFS vs  NEXT.KZ - 18:00 CET (bo1)
Final (bo3)

 Dach & Max
Anderson Wang

Game videos will be available on our site as well as the streamers' pages. We wish the teams all the best, stay tuned as we update regarding our NON-PRO qualifiers and America PRO qualifiers.

MenSe more than a year ago
GO GO DARER!!! And thanks for IDs!
Josipinho more than a year ago
Is it possible to arrange dates for matches based on personal preference for the NON pro part of the competition ??
frankthetank more than a year ago
ww and mtw have the same roster. are u gonna let them have 2 chances?
vens231091 more than a year ago
so Greate ...hope they come soon

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